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Congratulations on your New Arrival!

The arrival of a new baby is such an incredible event in parents' life! It’s an unforgettable and personal experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. There is nothing more beautiful than a brand new baby and I understand the importance of preserving these precious moments for your family. I always approach each newborn session individually to create an artwork for my clients to cherish for years to come. Each newborn session is customised and styled to clients' personal preferences to reflect their lifestyle and personality.


This may come as a surprise, but ideally before your baby is born. It is so important to plan ahead, because the time frame to have a newborn photography session is so narrow. I recommend booking your baby's portrait session well in advance and the best time to book is right after your 20th week’s scan. I always book a limited number of newborn sessions per month to ensure the highest quality of services and allow flexibility with early/late births. Since we never know exactly when your little one will arrive, once your session is booked I will pencil your due date in the diary and reserve your session’s slot for several weeks prior and past your due date. As soon as your baby is born please make sure to contact me within 3 days from arrival to arrange a suitable day and time for your newborn photo session. If your baby is already here and you didn’t have a chance to book a newborn session ahead of time, don’t panic! Contact me as soon as possible and with a bit of luck, I will be able to accommodate a session slot for you to capture some beautiful portraits of your sweet baby!



Once you know your due date and you had your 20th week scan, you can book your photo session by contacting me via my website, phone, email, Facebook fan page or my Instagram account. To secure your space in the diary there is a non refundable session fee payable at the time of booking and remaining balance for your chosen package and products is due on the day of your newborn photo session. For further information on package prices, please check the 'Prices' Page on my website or contact me directly to discuss all the details. Please, note that the session fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY DIGITAL IMAGES OR PRODUCTS, it serves to cover the booking fee, pre-session consultation, photo session, editing and preparation of your gallery, ordering appointment and order collection. Digital images, products and prints are purchased separately via packages and single product options.. 


The best time to photograph your newborn baby is between their 5th and 14th day of life. It’s the best time as newborn babies are still very flexible and sleepy at this point, have little sensitivity to touch and sound, and are very comfortable in those adorable curled-up poses. However, just because the ideal time is within the first 14 days doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t book a newborn session for your baby. I am more than happy to offer my services and photograph babies up to 6 weeks, but please keep in mind that once beyond those first 14 days we might not be able to pose your baby in the sleepy and curled up poses, as babies are usually more alert at this stage.


Your newborn photo session will take place at my home studio in Swindon. All the props and accessories will be provided so you don’t have to worry about a thing (please note, any specific requests for props and colour preferences should be discussed at the time of booking your session). I never rush through my newborn sessions and they usually last 3 to 4 hours. This is because I allow plenty of time for cuddles, feeding, changing and comforting your baby. The studio will be kept warmer than usual for your baby’s comfort and safety so make sure to wear light and comfortable clothing. I always prioritise babies’ comfort and well being so you can be certain I will not force poses when it's clearly not comfortable for the baby. No baby is the same, and while one baby can be very relaxed in some poses, another little model won’t be as comfortable. Also, please be aware that when doing the poses where the baby is undressed, it is common for babies to poop or wee. I can assure you this is a very normal and common occurrence so there’s no need to feel embarrassed. It’s a natural part of my job and I make sure to launder all of my backdrops and other items the baby comes in contact with after each newborn session. 
Parents and siblings are welcome to join in the photo shoot (at no extra charge). As the newborn sessions are usually quite lengthy, I tend to do family portraits first, followed by siblings with the baby photographs. This way older sibling can leave the photo session earlier with someone who can accompany them. Please, note studio policy does not allow parents to video or take pictures during their newborn session. I understand parents can be very excited about their baby’s session, however, I work very hard to create a beautiful gallery of timeless photographs for each of my clients, so please relax and enjoy your photo session while I capture your sweet bundle of joy for you!


I always advise my clients to wear neutral, earthy toned outfits and choose plain, solid (pastel) colours or white to their photo session. If you can, try to select outfits that don’t necessarily match, but go together (i.e. in a similar colour palette). Avoid busy patterns, large logos, letters, numbers, strong neon colours or motifs/characters. Try to dress your baby in a simple loose sleepsuit with front snaps, just in case your baby falls asleep on arrival. Also, no tight socks or vests to avoid marks on their skin. If you'd like to capture skin-on-skin portraits with your baby held against your chest consider wearing a strapless top or vest. Alternately, I can offer to wrap you with one of the maternity wraps I have available at the studio. If you any need help coordinating outfits just message me and I’ll be more than happy to help!



Make sure to bring plenty of nappies and wet wipes to your newborn session. If you decided to bottle feed your baby, bring plenty of bottles already made up as babies tend to feed a bit more than usual during their newborn sessions. If you are breastfeeding, it may help to avoid spicy or acidic foods or drinking caffeine in the 24 hours before your photo session as this could affect the baby and make them unsettled. Have a warm wrapping blanket on hand for the feeding time to keep our little model nice and warm. I always suggest bringing a dummy (pacifier) along, even if you don’t plan to use one with your baby. They can be a lifesaver sometimes, and you can rest assured your baby won’t get used to one after using it just a couple of times during their newborn session. If your baby has long hair, please bring a brush as well. Don’t forget to bring some snacks and water for yourself and any siblings. If siblings are coming, it’s also a good idea to bring some entertainment for them.

Because ‘accidents’ happen, it is also a good idea to bring an extra change of clothing for yourself. If there’s anything you’d like to bring to your photo session that represents a hobby, family heirloom, something sentimental or even a favourite toy, feel free to do so. Just make sure to let me know in advance so that I can plan how to incorporate it in the set ups. If not, don’t worry as I have plenty of props, wraps and outfits for you to choose from. 
Due to the nature of the newborn session, we only invite immediate family to take part in the photo session. Please, do not bring extended family to the photo shoot, only partner and baby's siblings are allowed to come to the studio. Please if at all possible, try to keep your baby awake for up to 1 hour before the session. If your baby is awake on arrival, it will be a good idea to feed our little model before we begin. A full belly helps babies stay happy and content throughout their newborn session.



I will message you with a link to a private online gallery within 4 to 6 weeks after your newborn session.

You will be presented with a gallery of a minimum of 20 carefully selected and fully edited photographs. Once you view your gallery, you will then be able to select your favourite images and decide on wall art and any additional products of your choice. Once full payment is received your prints and wall art will be ordered and delivered within 3-6 weeks to the studio. As soon as your order arrives at the studio I will inspect the quality and will notify you to arrange a convenient pickup date.

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