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How To Prepare For Maternity Photo Session


Expecting a baby is such a beautiful and magical event for both you and your    partner to experience. It is absolutely amazing how women’s bodies

can naturally step into the state of creating a new life seemingly effortlessly.

And it’s one of those miracles in life truly deserving to be documented.

When you book a professional maternity session, you not only decide to capture the roundness of your bump, most of all you create a priceless keepsake for your family with you remembered as you are in this tender moment in life. 

My maternity sessions are all about making mums feel celebrated, with their femininity sparking and beauty leading the way through their photo session. I capture them with all their confidence, powerful and full grace. And even if you don’t feel particularly feminine especially towards the final weeks of your pregnancy, rest assured with gentle guidance I will bring out the goddess hidden within you!

Capturing this precious moment in time is something you will never regret!

What is the best time to book a maternity photo shoot 

I recommend taking your maternity pictures around 25th-34th week of

pregnancy. At this point pregnant bellies are usually perfectly rounded and mums don’t feel so exhausted as they tend to, closer to the due date. If possible, please try to book your session in advance. When booking well in advance my diary is not as full and this gives me a chance to be more flexible offering spaces for your photo session.
I know how important it is to capture your maternity photos reflecting the true you, with all your anticipation and excitement, this is why I offer several options for my maternity sessions. One of my most favorite option, is my in-studio glamour maternity session! It’s a styled photo session where we capture glamorous and sensual images of your beautiful pregnant body.

My second most popular option is an outdoor maternity portrait session with nearly limitless possibilities of locations to choose from. Both session types

can be tailored to your individual needs and focus on single maternity

portraits of you, or a mixture of single and couple/family portraits.


What to bring to your Maternity Session

Make sure to bring two sets of underwear with you, one in black and one in nude or white (this is to match your underwear with maternity gowns and dresses available for your photo session). Unless there’s something special you’ve already prepared for your session, you don’t have to bring any extra clothing with you, everything will be provided for you on the day. I provide a large selection of couture gowns, beautiful dresses, silk wraps, bodysuits, floral halos, props and backdrops designed with maternity sessions in mind and showcasing the beauty of a pregnant body! Please, make sure your partner has at least one change of clothes though as I don’t provide men’s clothing for my maternity sessions.

How to feel & look your best during your Maternity Session

A pregnancy photo session is more than just a photo shoot. It is a well-deserved day of pampering that will ideally include manicure, hair styling and beautiful delicate make-up. I always advise to aim for a natural look and avoid dark excessive make up. Loose hair with soft waves and light, daytime make-up highlighting your eyes, lips and cheekbones is absolutely perfect. In addition, naturally looking fake lashes can also accentuate your beauty. As hands will appear in almost all of your images make sure they’re also well prepared the day.

I also recommend avoiding spray tans, bronzers and shimmers. Also, do not wear tight underwear and make sure to arrive at your photo session in loose clothing to prevent skin marks.

What to expect

The photo session will take place at my home studio or outdoors and will last roughly 1-2 hours. I will focus on capturing photographs to create a varied gallery for you to select your images from. You don’t need any modeling experience, I will gently guide you through the poses and make sure you’re relaxed and feel like a true goddess. My goal is to make you feel comfortable during your photo shoot so that I can photograph you in the most flattering poses and create stunning & glamorous portraits. Typically up to 3-4 clothing changes will take place to allow capturing different looks and create a beautiful gallery for you. You’re also advised to view my Maternity gallery to get an idea of the type of poses and looks I have done in the past. If there’s anything that catches your eye, please let me know in advance and I will prepare everything for your session with your requests in mind.

Looking forward to photographing your beautiful bump!


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